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PROJECT 1: Laser Cutting Denim

  1. Research

I wanted to figure out how to do cool stuff with a laser cutter so I began googling what other people use them for and browsed through as well. I also talked to the head of the fabrication lab about all the crazy things students had put into the machine, and he had mentioned someone trying to engrave denim, which sparked my curiosity!

Here are some research links I looked at (mostly skimmed through to be honest):

2. Experiment

After seeing what other people did, I thought of a ton of random ideas and played through some of them, including a tiny box I got the plans for from, I also spent some time scribbling on wood and burning holes through old shirts (which wasn’t my intention). I didn’t have any experience with illustrator, which is how plans are sent to the printer to get laser cut, so I also spent a lot of time playing around n the program and trying to figure out what tools did what.

3. Critic

I then looked at all my research and experiments (successful and failed ones) and decided that what I really wanted to do was make a laser engraving of a logo my denim hat. I thought this was the most practical and fun idea! A lot of the projects I found through my research I felt required a better knowledge of Illustrator or more material than I currently had at my disposal. I also didn’t have a use or space for a lot of the ideas so that helped me narrow down the possibilities a lot.

(Going back to step 1)

I had to research what logo I wanted to use or create, so I looked at a lot of random things I was interested in. I thought about just writing my name, then looked at the music I was listening to and at the album covers:

I looked through my photos and Spotify account looking for ideas, then…

Experimenting again!

A drew a few things out and lined them up on my hat, some I just tried to think of super hard and envision on my hat, others I made a template for:

I experimented with the size as well, I printed a few of these out on templates.

Critic one more time:

I decided I liked the T-Rex from the Pylon Album cover the best, it wasn’t too complicated of an image and I really like the T-Rex. I also sent a photo to my girlfriend to see what she thought, and she said it was adorable!

4. Produce/Worker Bee

Once I had my chosen plan, I set out to make it a reality! I copied the image to Illustrater, outlined it and sent it to the printer using the speed and power levels I had been experimenting with

Now I have a cool T-Rex on my hat! Yay!

PROJECT 2: Making a sweatshirt

  1. Research

I decided I wan’t to do something with sewing, so, like every beginning to a great project, I googled things to sew and looked around there. I also spent a lot of time sitting and staring at a blank wall, trying to figure out what I wanted to make and waiting for an epiphany

2. Experiment

I made a list of all my research and ideas and grabbed all the materials I had lying around. I touched them, looked at them, smelled them, licked them, and listened to them. I envisioned having a shirt made out of that, pants made from this, a sweatshirt v a sweater, etc…

3. Critic

I then picked the most practical material and what I felt went best with that material. Now with a more focused idea, I could move on to making my idea come true! But, I went back to the first step to get a better idea of how to do this…

Research again

I looked at various youtube videos and pulled out other hoodies I had. (mostly rewatched in closer detail the previously mentioned videos that dealt with sewing together a sweatshirt or hoodie)

I should’ve experimented here with my new knowledge of hoodie making, but I didn’t :(, I made the mistake of jumping ahead and so my end product ending up having some funky dimensions! But anyway…

4. Production step, get it done!

I pulled out my material, kept my video reference and old hoodies close by, and cut away! More like sewed away actually!

To the left is my old hoodie I modeled this after
To the right is an old blanket that I thought would be a nice fun and fluffy hoodie!

I placed my hoodie on the blanket and cut out two portions for the front and back of the hoodie I was creating

This is what the new front section looked like after I cut it from the blanket
I then measured out the arm and cut four pieces the size of my old hoodie’s sleeve
Now it was time to start sewing
It started by sewing the front torso to the back
I then sewed the front and back sleeves to the front and back torso section
I then sewed the front and back sleeves together for each sleeve
I then had a regular sweater, but I wanted to make it a hoodie, so I cut out two pairs of fabric (modeled from my old hoodie), so four pieces total, and sewed them together and then to the hoodie

I realized after I should’ve had the hood meet in front, and I ran out of material to make a pouch for my hands 🙁

The torso also turned out to be a teeny bit too small, but it is very warm and cozy!

Couldn’t get this one rotated correctly for some reason

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  1. These are some fun projects. You’ve done your two, but keep going if you can.

    I’d like to see:
    1) share the research – what links were the most helpful? Share the most useful parts of what you found.
    2) a better photo of the hoodie – its dark and blurry, but I have a sense it looks better than it does in the photo.

    Also, you sewed it? I was a little confused by the description.

    Keep going!

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